💯 Wrapping up #UXI20! Recap of Day-6, UX Ladder, Winners announced and looking ahead!

Day 6 — We flawlessly closed on a high note!

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6 min readDec 15, 2020

I still say wrapping up UXI20 because we are not done yet, we still have a couple of more tiny things to do before wrapping up. That includes giving you a blog about UXI20 wrapped up. Coming soon!

What a feeling it is after nearly two months of hard work to close UXI20 on a flawless note. It sure was a surreal feeling for us to see you all on a piece of glass but we were so thrilled to see you interact with each other just as well as we would have if we met in person! The chats at UXI20 turned out to be a fun place to hang out.

All in all Day 6 was super cool, we also got in a fun clip of some of our team members talking about work they did and fun they had at UXI. They really deserve credit for all the hardwork and smart ideas they have contributed for making UXI20.

Thanks to the team!

Some very important folks not in this but click to view the whole team!

Thanks to the sponsors

We are so glad to have such supportive partners!

Thanks to the Speakers

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Inspiring leaders, Storytellers, Speakers, Panelists, and more…www.ux-india.org

This conference was a mix of inspirational talks by Leading practitioners in design, Pioneers from the industry, Management gurus, Social innovators and many industry ux folks specially curated for you.

Recap of Day 6 #UXI20

Exciting talks, Q&A, UX ladder, Awards and more

If you were not able to spare time to watch the whole thing. I’ve got you covered — Here is my brief recap of DAY6 at UXI20!

We kicked off the day with Bapu (Founder & Chair, UMO.Design, UX India) talking about concluding UXI20, some stats, interesting insights and what’s cooking in UMO’s kitchen for 2021. He was followed by Nancy who spoke about service design at Airbus and service design thinking. Super interesting talk and aerospace seems to be a very cool industry to be in!

After Nancy was the infamous UX Ladder session which I will write about in a bit more detail below. Then came Jeffery who spoke about design in unscripted times through the very interesting journey he had. He also joined us for a Q&A, we spoke about disinformation, limitations of remote tools, social media in lockdown and more. He has grown one hell of a beard though!

Next came in Tom in conversation with Nisha, who spoke his award winning movie ‘Runaway.’ How he went about writing and directing it. He had some amazing insights on story telling and is one hell of a story teller.

We ended the day by announcing winners of UMO Design’s Moving Stories 2020 challenge. The kind of submissions we received were so moving, the audience really felt it touch their hearts. Amazing talent. Scroll to see who’s won it!

🪜 UX Ladder on Day 6 at #UXI20

Meet these cool design leaders!

UX Ladder was a moderated Q&A session which was built based on the questions asked in the chat at the conf and responses the panelists gave. It was very candid and highly impromptu.

Over an hour of candid convo we had 8 design leaders take the stage to answer questions about jobs, design roles, hiring, design education, design scene in India and lot more. So hard to summarise the session — multiple perspectives, wide range of topics up for discussion, tough questions, to the point answers, food for thought and the discussion just kept building and building up…

First to come in were Gaurav from Myntra & Rohan from Freshworks they were hosted by Ranjeeth. Next were Shayak from Vedantu & Shrikanth from Barclay’s also hosted by Ranjeeth.

Next — I was up to host Pudi from Airmeet & Zeenal from Ajio, last to take stage were Ranjeeth from Informatica and Ameya from Servicenow.

A few take aways for me were the need for quality design education, to not discredit visual designers (Not sure why folks do this! Unacceptable), transitioning from Industrial design to UX, need for a solid foundation, focus on learning by doing not just the use of tools, making the move to managerial positions, leadership, quality of design in portfolios, designer’s resumes, creativity, showcasing interesting processes and bold ideas in portfolios. As I said before the discussions were on so many things and what amazing responses we got! Surely a thing I don’t mind spending my Saturday evenings on. Glad to have about 900 other folks attending the conference who I am sure felt the same!

Let us know if you want us to host more of these sessions!

Winner of Moving Stories Awards at #UXI20

Congratulations to the winners! Their stories were truly moving!

UMO Design’s Moving Stories is about conveying emotions that connect people inspire and influence them in a positive way. We’ve had a good response from the community and they have shared with us some very moving stories from their lives. We will be celebrating the finalists and the winners on the last day of the conference. Meanwhile you will get a chance to catch their story submissions at UXI20!

🔭 Looking ahead — UMO & UXI in 2021!

2020, was surely a weird one as literally most have said, even most speakers at UXI20 one way or other. We are so glad that they were able to share their stories here at UXI20 despite the circumstances.

The decision to have UXI20 in an all new virtual format was not an easy one, we had our doubts. But all it took for us was to take one bold step and move ahead in the process of re-inventing ourselves and staying relevant to the times. This ideology is imbibed in our foundational principles and our vision for the future.

For the coming year our primary focus will be on ‘Design Education’ offering high quality education from a grass root level to create purpose driven designers. If this is not a challenge in itself, we are also going to make it affordable and for all audience from novice to expert through our Certification Courses and Masterclasses.

Courses start in Jan, 2021!

This is just one among many things that are to come from our grand plan for 2o21 and beyond. Stay tuned.

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