🎄Special Christmas Issue — Gift ideas, Apple refused to buy Tesla? UMO Design School and Hand picked bytes

Hand-picked bytes for you

Hand picked bytes finally makes a comeback after many weeks of UXI20 content. If you are new here, in hand picked bytes we pick up some very interesting articles on various areas not just design and we try to write about it from a design perspective or at least provoke a thought.

Sony is pulling Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store and offering full refunds


Tim Cook refused to take a meeting with Elon to buy Tesla?

How much more crazier can this get? Is this a mistake of the century or a big apple style business move? If you didn’t know this- there are many rumours that apple will release a self driving capable electric car next year and launch it by 2024. Elon claims the rumoured battery tech which apple is supposed to use in their car is already in use at Tesla. While we are on the subject of Tesla, in other news- Tesla gets into the infamous S&P 500 index making Elon richer by billions of dollars over night.

On a related note, also read about the privacy war between Apple and Facebook!

Opinion | Facebook’s Tone-Deaf Attack on Apple


Gift Ideas for you!

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