🌟 Recap of DAY-3. Today we have conversations with Russ, Mario and Rajat, Moving Stories, Jobs and win goodies!

Day 3 was smooth as silk!

Feels like we’ve cracked the virtual format, but there’s always room for improvement. The first of anything is filled with learnings, we are surely excited by all that we can do next year at UXI21. We see many limitations with the tool but if this is truly the new normal then hopefully we will see leaps of growth in all these virtual conferencing/video tools. I’m sure all this will make for one hell of a case study in the near future, when we put covid behind us!

But today, I sat down to look back and re-collected what we were doing in Jan 2020 — we were putting in efforts to plan almost a year ahead of the usual conference we have in Sept every year. Hotel, tickets, visas and all that stuff. Virtual conference feels like a breeze compared to all that, I mean it sure has its own problems not denying that but its a breeze!

This new format also forced us to re-invent ourselves, get a new team with different expertise and so on. Glad that we took a leap of faith, decided to hold a conference in 2020 and move ahead. We just announced to the world that we are not afraid of challenges!

We hope to continue what we are doing and keep the momentum going up up and higher! We thank you for your support and keep having fun at UXI20. The chats at the conf sure seem to holding some nice conversations with Mario, Raffaella & Marcelo being top contributors among many.

Recap of Day 2 #UXI20

Just looking at this collage, you can see the range of topics presented!

It’s challenging to host the conference back stage with the team, live tweet and hold Live Q&A’s so bear with me as I try to recollect the day and recap! I tried to tweet the whole of day3 but that didn’t happen either, not completely at least. Now at almost 1 am I will have to disturb my colleagues and ask them for their takeaways :P

Alright, we started the day with that amazing video (Still gives me goosebumps) after which came in Vincent he spoke about success and leading teams in tough times. Keeping his talk aside, the coolest thing I figured about Vincent is — ‘He is followed by the Barack Obama on twitter.’ Got to ask him how he did that!

Moving on — Raffaella spoke about how they collaboratively conducted user research with a client. Some of her slides in which she showed stats were in Italian though but we got the point Raffaella! Super cool! After her came Paul who spoke about inclusivity and accessibility with some great examples and guidelines. Next was Sneha who spoke about innovating and the process behind it, she also spoke about how Wile E Coyote and Road runner are her inspiration for innovation. Cute reference!

After her was Meena, she spoke in depth about context. After her talk I feel, now I have a real sense of understanding and appreciation for how critical context can be in a research study. She was followed by Aprajit who spoke how they at Gojek use data, design and bring delight to their users with the use of data.

Veena and Ananya from Frog took over from there and spoke about how they designed a next gen smart purifier which uses algae to purify air in your homes. It was really cool, I would surely buy it!

To close the day, Marcelo came in and spoke about inclusive design. He compared and contrasted with some cool examples between real world and digital. He also shared many links, references for accessibility and inclusivity.

It turns out that my colleagues were awake. Hmm..😂


It was wonderful to have a convo with Paul, Meena & Marcelo

Today was packed with three LIVE sessions. I as usual had real fun asking questions, its a tough job and so overwhelming to moderate so many question coming in the chat. But it nevertheless if fun!

Paul, Meena and Marcelo went a step further and answered all the questions which I couldn’t pick up in the 5mins slot we had. That was truly amazing. They also did share many links with us, hope you saved them — they are super resourceful!

I was taken aback when Paul said he was down with covid but its so good to see him back in good health!

And expect a change in background from me tomorrow!

Job portal

We’ve got Jobs for you! www.umo.design

Find your dream job, its been curated to post suitable jobs! It’s absolutely free. Recruiters can post jobs as well!

🔴 Watch Meena’s Talk re-streamed Live


This 4-week masterclass will focus on how to identify an organization’s learning objectives and develop a research roadmap with the input of cross-functional teams. Researchers face universal challenges: resource scarcity and confusion around the value and positioning of research activities. In this masterclass, twig+fish will share a simple tool to publicize and …..

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School — UMO Design Foundation — Masterclass and Certification Courseswww.umo.design
Our design workshops and masterclasses help individuals and teams build their innovation and design muscles through cohort and experiential learning experiences that result in real impact.

🔥 What’s coming up on Day-4

Click to check out the full schedule and the line up!

Tomorrow we are going to break the monotony and have a casual yet knowledgable chat with Russ. He will be covering areas of design management, leadership and more. He is also giving a masterclass check it out.

We are also going to have a LIVE Q&A with Mario and Rajat. I for a fact know it’s always fun to hang out with Mario.

For more, you just got to wait for a few hours! Btw, I hope you are getting emails with the recorded sessions, if not reach out!

The latest Tweets from Mario Van der Meulen (@MarioVDMeulen). Designer. Strategist. Author. Speaker. Skilled Daydreamer. Incurable Nighthinker. Graphicdesignosaurus. https://t.co/PF0flMfXST. Singapore

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Moving Stories kick off at #UXI20

UMO Design’s Moving Stories is about conveying emotions that connect people inspire and influence them in a positive way. We’ve had a good response from the community and they have shared with us some very moving stories from their lives. We will be celebrating the finalists and the winners on the last day of the conference. Meanwhile you will get a chance to catch their story submissions at UXI20!

Screenshot 2020 11 06 express umo design foundation1

Express — UMO Design Foundationwww.umo.design
UMO Moving Stories invites people to share what has moved them during these times, and what stories can be delivered straight from their hearts.

Win Goodies! Keep posting and sharing.

Click to learn more!

Winners will be announced soon! See you in a couple of hours. Keep up the energy 🙌🏼

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UMO Design Foundation, UMO is a non-profit org, working towards design awareness and exchange of design sensibilities through interactions. www.umo.design

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UMO Design Foundation, UMO is a non-profit org, working towards design awareness and exchange of design sensibilities through interactions. www.umo.design