🎉 Day-1 of #UXI20. One hell of an opening, great talks, Q&A, sneak peak into Day 2!

Wow, we just wrapped up Day-1 of UXI20!

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5 min readDec 8, 2020


I can’t explain the goosebumps and tingling sensation I had when we went live with that dazzling video! It was amazing. I hope you enjoyed the LIVE Q&A sessions we hosted with Ben Reason and Christopher Noessel. They were very cool and patient!

So glad that we finally revealed all that’s happening at UMO Design and revealed our plans for community engagement for the future. And am so proud of the show we all put up today as a team!

I also would like to thank all our Day-1 speakers who took design to the next level today — Leslie Fountain, Yuseung Kim, Jayasri Nagrale and Indi Young. They surely did make it a memorable Day-1 experience!

We will continue to ride the high of design goodness for the next few days. You will receive a newsletter for the whole week which will give you a recap of UXI20 and all that happened at UXI20. Stay Tuned.

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Recap of DAY 1 at UXI20

This moment, the moment when things turn into reality!

We were amazed by the response we got from the audience at the conference. Can you believe we’ve had nearly 2000 messages from the chat. Thank you for all the love, please keep it up, your interest in the conference keeps us going!

We started the day with Bapu/Shyam who unveiled plans for community engagement. They were followed by Ben Reason who spoke about a case study on Drone Delivery System which his studio worked on. Drone Delivery System sure struck a chord with our audience, they bombarded Ben with questions. He was very patient and answered as many as he could within the time we had. I had the chance to speak with him before the conference, he was super enthu and very flexible.

Ben was followed by Leslie from Foolproof, Singapore who spoke about re-inventing yourself and businesses using Design Thinking process. Then came Kim from Google who passionately spoke about the design system he and his team built for Google Ads.

Chris spoke about principles for AI, his talk was filled with very cool examples of some of the best AI systems out there. I was curious about one of the examples he showcased which was a car racing game, he is yet to tweet the name of the game me. I’m waiting for your answer on that Chris ! ;)

To close the day, we had Indi who gave a keynote for nearly 50 mins on becoming a purpose driven designer. That interestingly I felt aligned a lot with our vison for design education.

Side note, see UMO Design’s newly launched school which offers Masterclasses by expert designers and certification courses with mentorship.

Group 127

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Look up all that happened using the hashtag #UXI20

This is how I hosted the conference from my home! Share your setups with us! If you observe closely you will find the bottle we gave away in UXI19 kits!
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UXINDIA2020 -Opening Remarks LIVEwww.youtube.com
Join us the 16th edition of India’s biggest conference on User Experience Design — UXINDIA2020

DAY 2 Schedule at UXI20

6 Days 26 Hours 50 Inspiring Talks 3 Story Telling sessions

A not-for profit venture, UXINDIA is built by, built for, and sustained by its growing community of designers, enthusiasts, influencers from business, education, and governance. UXINDIA is being organized by UMO Design Foundation.

On day 2 we continue to have amazing speakers, be sure to come back and not miss out on all the action. Be sure to hang around for a couple of mins at the break to view the Experience India performances

Live Q&A

Today, we have two Live Q&A sessions which I will be hosting with Anshumali on Voice Experience and Priyanka, Trace on Design Systems. Keep your questions ready for them. You can also tweet your questions use the #UXI20 and don’t forget to tag uxindiaconf!

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The latest Tweets from priyankagodbole (@priyankagodbole). Product Design Lead @Facebook Design Systems, Passionate about accessible design systems, Illustrator & runner (mileage varies). San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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